2 thoughts on “Bettys with 5LM.

  1. The Betty’s trip was awesome because we got to make bread and we could make it any shape we wanted like doing a plait.It was an amazing opportunity for us.We wish we could go again because it was a awesome experience at Betty’s Cookery School.

  2. Some of the year 5 had a great opportunity to go to Betty’s Cookery School in Harrogate.We got to make bread and we made it in our own shapes and it was so FUN!!!!!!I made a plaited bread and a North South East West bread.After we went to the factory while are bread was in the proofer.We went to chocolate room and it was yummy.Then we went back and we did a quiz about the bread.I hope we get another opportunity to go again.Thank You for giving us an opportunity to go.

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