Mayan Chocolate

This week a group of boys from 6MJ had a go at making some Mayan hot chocolate.

The Mayans flavoured their chocolate with cinnamon and chilli and used cornmeal to thicken it. Of course the cocoa we used was Fairtrade. The Mayans did not add sugar!

The boys served it to their class. Not everyone was brave enough to try it but those that did gave mixed reactions.

What did you think year 6?


Woolton Pie


This term years 5/6 and 6 have been cooking Woolton Pie. This was a recipe created by The Ministry of Food during WWII. The filling contains any vegetables available, possibly home grown, and the top is potato pastry, helping to save precious fat rations. Those who have made and eaten their Woolton Pies have enjoyed them. If you haven’t cooked yours yet don’t worry. Your time will come!