COOP-Fairtrade Cappuccino Cup cakes- Pass It On!

Lucy, from our local Nursery Lane COOP, demonstrated the COOP recipe for Cappuccino cup cakes.

Using all Fairtrade ingredients provided by our local store!

Some people just couldn’t wait for these delicious cakes to cool!

Fresh out of the oven.

Some of our regulars helped with the icing.

The cakes were light and fluffy.

And easier to ice once cooled.

But enjoyed by everyone!

Just like the picture in February’s COOP magazine.

A huge thank you to our Nursery Lane COOP, for lending us one of there colleagues to demonstrate at our ‘Pass It on’ Cafe! Our Fairtrade ambassadors will be baking some of these cup cakes for our ‘Friends’ Fairtrade Cafe on Friday 9th March. Hope to see you there.

Mayan Chocolate

This week a group of boys from 6MJ had a go at making some Mayan hot chocolate.

The Mayans flavoured their chocolate with cinnamon and chilli and used cornmeal to thicken it. Of course the cocoa we used was Fairtrade. The Mayans did not add sugar!

The boys served it to their class. Not everyone was brave enough to try it but those that did gave mixed reactions.

What did you think year 6?